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We buy & build businesses.

We buy & build businesses.

Here at BGB, our model is to purchase established, profitable businesses to then use our team and knowledge to provide stability & future growth.

Why sell your business to our team?

We strive to make selling your business easy.


Once we buy your business, our focus is in creating stability for you & your team. We’re not in the business of massive lay-offs or extreme cost cutting measures.

Future Growth & Opportunity

Our team brings decades worth of growth experience to our acquired businesses & by acquiring in groups, we streamline systems & process to bring further efficiencies.

Our Teams

We’re people who want to make a difference & are always here to have a chat – feel free to contact us to start a discussion on selling your business.

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Find out what type of businesses we are interested in and if your company qualifies.

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Our team will regularly provide updates on our activity and related industry news on our blog.

What is our vision?

We want to build groups of value.

Bringing great companies & people together is the recipe for our success here at BGB Acquisitions. We aim to develop groups within the same industries to bring costs down and drive profits up.

  • We want to work with companies led by great management teams who take on daily operations of the business.

  • Our involvement will not disrupt traditional daily activities, we are an acquisition company who focused on cost savings & managing risks in ways which will not interrupt the companies day to day trading.

  • Our goal in each company is to streamline operations, expedite growth while managing risk and cutting costs. Our standard practice is to buy and build which in itself introduces efficiencies to our portfolio.

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Previous 3 years filed accounts.
Management accounts from past 3 months.
Asset schedule list.
Background on company.

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We’ve built, scaled & sold companies already, let’s do yours.

We build on your legacy, we don’t destroy it.

The businesses we buy are profitable, established operators who are known and respected in their space. We don’t change that.

The right mix to maximise your businesses potential.

Growth Through Acquisition
Acquisitions are only part of it. 25%
Introduction of Efficiencies
Improving systems & operations. 25%
World Class Team
Truly world class people delivering change. 50%

Meet our amazing team

Our team supports your businesses growth with a hands on approach.

We prioritize our people’s well-being, just like yours. Our teams implement HR, Financial, Operational, Marketing and put organic and inorganic methods in place to support and build the company.

Kurtis Taylor


Robert Daly


Khizar Sharif

M&A Advisor

Lee Anderson-Frogley

Chief Financial Officer

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